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As I'm starting this new chapter of my life (Post Grad, Post 30), I am constantly asking myself if I know anything. Do I have marketable skills? Have I amassed any answers? I want to say "no", but if I'm being honest, I have learned a little about a lot of things in 30 years.

Like whatever I just spent 3 years learning in grad school!

I have always found myself in the role of advisor. I'm Mama Mandi to my friend groups, and I am always the first to offer (unsolicited) advice to others. Is this a marketable skill? Probably not, but I figure its a blogable skill. So welcome to my advice column/acting life hack/random assortment of things I want to talk about.

Feel free to submit questions, or I'll just make some up for answers I want to give. Like a political debate! I live in D.C. now! Maybe the real website subpage is the friends we made along the way.


Gossip Mandi

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